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公司简介/ Company profile

Suqian Time Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2021, is a company engaged in the re- search and development, manufacture and sales of redox flow batteries.

The company has gathered outstanding talentsat home and abroad and meanwhilehas cooperated with well-known domestic universities, jointly overcoming critical technical difficulties and re- sultingin anumber of independent core technol- ogies.
The company has planned a 5GWh aqueous or-
ganic redox flowbattery project; the first phase of construction is 2GWh.We are committed to ensur- ing safe and high-efficient energy storage for the rapid development of renewables, providing robust support for the construction of smart grid, and making great contributions to local develop-ment and carbon neutrality.


June 2021
Suqian Time Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. was established and signed technical cooperation agreements with many domestic universities
October 2021
2KW/8KWh water neutral flow battery assembly completed
November 2021
The annual 5GWh water neutral flow battery project of Suqian Time Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. started construction

Corporate Culture

The company respects the enterprise spirit of "down-to-earth, hard work and responsibility", and creates a good enterprise environment with the business philosophy of "integrity, win-win and innovation". With a new management mode, perfect technology, considerate service and excellent quality as the basis for survival, the company always adheres to the supremacy of users, serves customers attentively and impresses customers with its own services.


High solubility positive electrolyte was prepared by chemical oxidation and electrochemical oxidation, and high solubility negative electrolyte was prepared by chemical coupling and electrochemical reduction. At the same time, the electrochemical reaction window of positive and negative electrolyte was located within the electrochemical window of water decomposition; The anion exchange membrane for hydrophilic flow battery with high strength and electrochemical corrosion resistance was prepared by continuous thermally induced phase separation method; Continuous laser welding and integrated molding technology are used to realize the preparation of non leakage liquid flow battery stack.
      The R & D team of the company, together with relevant domestic universities such as University of science and technology of China and Changzhou University, has overcome the technical barriers of high water solubility, high purity, wide voltage window and low-cost anode and cathode electrolytes, overcome the technical bottleneck of industrialized production of anion exchange membranes with high strength, low resistance, low swelling and corrosion resistance, achieved the production of non permeable stacks, and broken the international technical barriers. We have developed the whole process low-energy production process and key equipment preparation technology, and formed independent intellectual property rights. The products of this project have low cost, high yield, green production, and strong market competitiveness.